Archery Types

Archery has many different formats. Following, are are few examples of popular types.
Target Archery
Target archery is the only form of archery allowed in the Olympic games and has over a hundred member nations throughout the world. These nations are represented by the Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc (F.I.T.A) which is the international governing body for the sport.
There are quite a number of different target archery rounds, but generally, target archery consists of archers shooting a fixed number of arrows at a specified distance. That target is circular with 10 concentric rings. The inner ring of the gold scoring 10, to the outer ring of the white scoring 1. After an end of arrows, usually 3 or 6, all arrows are scored. At the end of the day, the person with the highest score wins! Simple!
A wonderful and probably unique aspect of archery is the opportunity for competitors of any ability to compete.
A paraplegic archer won the Gold Medal at the 1982 Commonwealth Games, paraplegic archers also competed at the 1984 and 1996 Olympic Games alongside the able-bodied competitors.
3D Archery
One of North America's fastest growing sports, 3D archery consists of shooting a three dimensional object such as burlap sacks or foam animals. The shoots can be from unmarked distances and scoring is dependant on where the arrow strikes the object.
3D Archery was originally developed for hunting practice, but due to its competitive nature, many non-hunters have adapted this type of archery.
Field Archery
One of the great attractions in archery is the diversity of shooting styles, the seemingly endless variations of equipment and of course the great variety in courses and targets that can be shot. In all of these variations there is one single intent and that is to hit the specific point on the target that you are aiming at. Like any sport unless the objective of the sport can be achieved with some regularity its not much fun. As with any other sporting pursuit practice is the way to improvement.
Despite what the name says, field archery is certainly not normally shot in a field this is much likely to be done by Target Archers who typically will shoot in a flat field. The ideal Field Archery course will be set in woods with steep slopes and as variations in ground as can be achieved safely.
Target Archers typically shoot greater numbers of arrows from fewer fixed distances. The process of shooting is tightly controlled by a Field Captain who will ensure that the arrows are shot within a specified amount of time and that all the archers collect their arrows and record their scores together. Archers are allowed to sit and rest between shooting, some will have special tents in which they can shelter from the weather. Target archery demands very high levels of concentration, with the archers needing to be fit physically and mentally to achieve success.
Flight Archery
One of the first things any boy does with a piece of bent bamboo, a string and an ‘arrow' – which is usually another piece of bamboo, thinner than the first and, with a bit of selection, straighter – is see how far he can shoot it. This is Flight archery in its simplest form.
Flight is the only form of archery which doesn't involve a target. Or it has the biggest target (the Earth) depending on how you look at it.
It is ironic that this first type of archery for children has the fewest adherents among adults. Yet it is Flight archery that is at the cutting edge. Without Flight, archery generally would be much poorer. For Flight archery is the ‘Formula One' of archery.
Like a Grand Prix car, dedicated Flight bows are not built for the reliability needed for 150 arrow FITAs, week after week, year after year. The dedicated Flight bow is built to shoot an arrow as far as possible – that's it!
The Flight bow is refined to its ultimate, stressed to the limit, strings with as few strands as possible for lightness, and with arrows hand-made for aerodynamic perfection. It is in Flight archery that tuning and technique are all-important. To win at Flight nothing less than perfection is good enough.
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