Flight Archery

One of the first things any aspiring archer does with a piece of bent bamboo, a string and an ‘arrow' – which is usually another piece of bamboo, thinner than the first and, with a bit of selection, straighter – is see how far he can shoot it. This is Flight archery in its simplest form.

Flight is the only form of archery which doesn't involve a target. Or it has the biggest target (the Earth) depending on how you look at it.

It is ironic that this first type of archery for children has the fewest adherents among adults. Yet it is Flight archery that is at the cutting edge. Without Flight, archery generally would be much poorer. For Flight archery is the ‘Formula One' of archery.

Like a Grand Prix car, dedicated Flight bows are not built for the reliability needed for 150 arrow FITAs, week after week, year after year. The dedicated Flight bow is built to shoot an arrow as far as possible – that's it!

The Flight bow is refined to its ultimate, stressed to the limit, strings with as few strands as possible for lightness, and with arrows hand-made for aerodynamic perfection. It is in Flight archery that tuning and technique are all-important. To win at Flight nothing less than perfection is good enough.


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