The Recurve Bow

A recurve bow has tips that curve away from the archer, and is usually also a composite bow. It allows more spring force over the first few inches of draw, and more energy to be stored. It is the most commonly used bow in the Olympics and among sporting archers.

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  • Graciela

    June 3, 2010 at 2:51 pmReview by Ryan Clark for Ragim Wildcat 62 Wood Take-Down Recurve, right, 29 pound pull Rating: I bought the 30# model, and it’s a great stohoer.Pros: The riser comes pre-drilled for a quiver, stabilizer on the front and a plunger. Since the limbs are removable, the weight of the pull can be adjusted up or down with a new set of limbs. The $100 price tag for a new bow makes it one of the least expensive bows out there.Cons: Good deal of hand shock. The bow rattles my teeth after releasing, but I’m sure some string silencers will help out a great deal.Final evaluation: For the price, probably the best shooting bow out there. You can shoot it all day and not get tired, making it a perfect bow for anyone looking to work on form or wanting to have fun with the kids.

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