Lars Anderson, Trick Shot Friday -

Lars Anderson Shoots Three Arrows in 0.6 Seconds

Lars Anderson has outperformed even himself with this incredible feat of skill shooting three arrows in 0.6 seconds while in the air. Lars also demonstrates his amazing skill by splitting an arrow that is fired directly at him, and grabbing arrows from mid flight and firing them back hitting a target dead on at incredible speeds! 

We have recently wrote about Lars Anderson with his wild skills shooting 10 arrows in 4.9 seconds and that is an incredible accomplishment on it's own, we can not wait to see what his next announcement will be.

The entire video is very good or jump ahead to time stamp 5:05 / 5:51 to watch Lars fire the three arrows in 0.6 seconds.  We have also included a few more great videos of Lars Anderson pulling off some great shots. 

Origional story by Glen Tickle



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