2016 Archery School Christmas Camps

2016 Archery School Christmas Camps

2016 Archery Christmas Camps

Looking for more lessons? See our full selection in our Archery School.

Christmas Camps for Youths aged 9 – 18 yrs 

This introduction to Archery is an ideal way to explore the art of shooting a bow and arrow in a safe and fun environment.

We offer a 4 day program (1 1/2 hrs/day) taught by certified instructors where students will have the opportunity to try Recurve and Compound Bows, learn to score a target, and will develop the basic skills needed to become a safe and consistent archer. Advanced instruction is available for those who wish to better their technique. All equipment is provided.

Classes run Tuesday through Friday from 10:00am - 11:30am or 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Class Dates

  • Dec. 20 - 23rd
  • Dec. 27 - 30th

Available Spaces*

Dec. 20 - 23rd----------10:00am------------10
Dec. 27 - 30th----------10:00am------------10

Course cost: $95.00 plus GST per person

Parents are welcome to register with their kids

Email: boormanarchery@gmail.com for enquiries

Please call 604 524 1674 to register

Location: 426 East Columbia St., New Westminster MAP


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