Boorman Archery School for Adults

Train with Certified Professional Archery Instructors
(pre-registration is required due to the limited numbers per class)
Complete Course Registration Fee: $95.00 plus tax - 10 hours (1 night a week for 5 weeks)
*All equipment is provided*

Please call 604 524 1674 to register

Target Shooting: How to shoot a bow and arrow with consistent form and style, how to score a target, shooting rules, equipment rules, and sport safety.
Field Shooting: How to make that 50 yard shot, how to score a field and hunter round, shooting form and style.
Bowhunting: The basics of this challenging sport, methods, equipment, safety, and how to make that 30 yard broadside shot.

*** We have added an additional night to try and meet demand.***
Next Course Start Dates:

  • Wednesday July 30th Full
  • Sunday Aug. 17th Full
  • Monday Aug. 18th
  • Tuesday Aug. 19th

Classes run from 7:15pm - 9:30pm and are held at 426 East Columbia St. New Westminster.

From the entry-level archer, to film, to the elite Olympic athlete, Boorman Archery School, the oldest, most professional archery training facility in Canada, offers a course designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for all competency levels. Learn From Professionals When you decide to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, Boorman Archery School is the place to start. Boorman Archery School’s five-night adult based course provides you with all the skills and knowledge necessary for all phases of this exciting family sport.

All equipment is provided
Private lessons are available if a group format doesn't work for you
Please call 604 524 1674 to register