1 Hour Private Archery Lessons - Adults or Kids

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Train one on one with certified professional archery instructors
(pre-registration is required due to the limited numbers per class)

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Call to set a time and date with one of our instructors:

You can make arrangements for date and time with the instructor. Morning, afternoon and evening.

$40.00 per hour 

*All equipment is provided*

Course includes the following shooting styles:

  • Target Shooting: How to shoot a bow and arrow with consistent form and style, how to score a target, shooting rules, equipment rules, and sport safety
  • Field Shooting: How to make that 50 yard shot, how to score a field and hunter round, shooting form and style
  • Bowhunting: The basics of this challenging sport, methods, equipment, safety, and how to make that 30 yard broadside shot.

Photographs by Cecilia Flaming: Ceciliaflaming.com